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During COVID-19 - A message from MCNA:

We can help you!

MCNA is taking an active role in shaping the recovery for businesses and organizations from COVID-19 by continuing to assist you in placing advertising in Manitoba and across Canada, as well as using our press release service to send out important press release/media advisories out to the public to keep them informed, updated and knowledgeable.

We have made some changes to safeguard the health of our staff and the public. Our physical office will be closed to in person contact with the public for the time being, as we want to do our part in social distancing, and limit exposures.  

You can continue to reach us by phone and email. We are here for you!
We may not be present to attend any faxes, please scan any items and send as a PDF by email instead. 

Our Association, 41 Member  Community Newspapers & their Staff, Publishers, MCNA staff will all be doing their part to keep operations as close to normal as possible during this time, as we are considered an extremely valuable and essential/critical service to Manitobans - especially now. Readers are depending on our newspapers more than ever!

We are thankful to our customers for continuing to get their messaging out to the public through us, and trusting us to do so. The over 340,000+ dedicated households/readers in Manitoba are relying on our Member Community Newspapers. More than ever, people will be at home and social distancing, and reading the paper for accurate, relevant and timely information.

Thank you.

A Message from AdCanada Media Inc.

Throughout history, newspapers have been relied upon to provide in-depth, trusted and important information in times of crisis. The current COVID-19 pandemic is no different. In fact, the need for vital information to be communicated uniformly and without prejudice is perhaps greater now than it has ever been. Community newspapers from coast to coast are on the front lines, keeping citizens of their communities updated on the latest developments directly affecting the lives of individuals living outside of the large media hubs. In thousands of communities across Canada, people young and old are relying on community newspapers to keep them informed. Crisis challenges us all to overcome obstacles and roadblocks. As a media agency specializing in connecting those with a message to their target communities through the community's own newspaper, we are here to see to it that the biggest roadblock - time- does not prevent life-saving information from reaching those who need it most. If you or your organization requires assistance in pulling together a strategy for getting information into the hands of Canadians, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 


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