101st Annual MCNA Better Newspapers Competition Awards

 On-line Edition, due to COVID 19 Restrictions

Dec 11 2020 - 2 PM


We have faced many challenges this year, with trying to get this event to happen. The event was originally going to be held in the Spring, however it was cancelled due to concerns for safety and the Covid-19 restrictions in the Province. Across Canada judging was immediately suspended, due to conditions across the country. Many papers pivoted to having people work from home and or changed their operations. At that time, we were all still learning about Covid, and had plans to try to coordinate the event thinking that it would be safe in the late Fall, and decided to delay everything. 

Well, Fall came, and things had finally settled down somewhat on the Covid front, so judging was once again resumed across the country - and went on later and longer than ever. We learned that we now had less judges, as some newspaper outlets across the country had closed or laid off staff, and we lost some of our treasured judges. This caused us to pivot once again. This year has only been predictable in its unpredictability. Many of our judges took on multiple additional categories to assist us, and some new judges came on board as well. A huge thank you to all of our new and returning judges! Without your dedicated efforts, we wouldn't have been able to proceed.


As we all know, it is not safe to conduct the event in person this year. 

We also now know how easily the virus is spread indoors and wouldn't dream of risking anyone's health to present the awards in person. It has been an exceptionally challenging time for all involved, and we appreciate your patience through the process. The wait is finally over. With that in mind, we have decided to immediately announce the 2020 Winners.


Without the unfailing and generous support of our sponsors, community partners and of course, our membership  this event would not be possible. We thank you for your most dedicated and unwavering  support of these awards and the event in some very unexpected and changeable times.



MCNA would like to congratulate all of the winners.

We have uploaded the Power Point presentation that you would normally see at the Gala Event here - so you can watch it as if you were were there!

 You can download the power point pdf  (letter size) and print it if you like.

 Scores will also be as pdfs in rough copy - in tabloid size - as a temporary measure only, until the booklets are ready. This will allow you to see the results individually by category until the professionally prepared booklet version is ready.

To see the winners from the 2020 events  please click on the following links:

2020 Sponsor Welcome Loop 

Panel of Judges


2020 Power Point Presentation of the Winners 


Best Advertisement

Best Agricultural Section

Best Agriculture Story

Best Arts & Culture Story

Best Christmas Edition

Best Column or Feature Article on a Business Topic

Best Columnist

Best Editorial 

Best Education Story

Best Environmental Story

Best Feature Photo

Best Feature Story

Best First Nations Coverage

Best Habitat Conservation Story

Best Health Story

Best Historical Story

Best In-House Ad

Best Local Editorial on a Business Topic

Best News Story

Best Photo Essay

Best Special Section

Best Sports Photo

Best Sports Story

Best Spot News Photo

Best Tourism Story

Better Communities Award

Photographer of the Year

Reporter of the Year

General Excellence Category 0-1,399 

General Excellence Category 1,400-3,599

General Excellence Category 3,600-9,999

General Excellence Category 10,000+

Best All Around Newspaper



If you have any questions regarding the Better Newspapers Competition, 

or would like to become a sponsor of the

 102nd  Annual Better Newspapers Awards in 2021, 

 please contact Sylvia at sylvia@mcna.com.