Publishing Standards

Member newspapers must meet stringent publishing standards to carry the MCNA logo on their masthead. This "approval rating" is your guarantee that a number of important measures have been taken by a newspaper to ensure the editorial is original and local in focus, the news and information is relevant and personal to readers, the physical product is prepared and printed to the highest standards of quality, and the circulation is verified and audited. Subsequently, we can deliver proven readership and affinity with a desired audience for our advertisers.

The following are key criteria that member newspapers must meet before they can use the MCNA logo.

Audited Circulation

Circulation must be audited by any of the following recognized organizations: Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), Canadian Media Circulation Audit (CMCA), or the Canadian Circulations Audit Board (CCAB). All newspapers must have an audit conducted once a year according to their established schedule, and use only their most current audited circulation reports.

Ad to Editorial Ratios

Advertising content must not exceed 70% in any issue of the newspaper.

Editorial Content

At least 50% of editorial content of each issue must be produced by editorial staff or correspondents of the newspaper. At least 50% of editorial in each issue must be local content and pertain to the newspaper's circulation (geographic) area.

Publishing Frequency

The newspaper must publish weekly, but no more than four times a week and no less than 48 times a year.